Sex Has a Lot To Do With How We Live Our Lives


Sex Has a Lot To Do With How We Live Our Lives

I am not such a good girl anymore. I don’t let public opinion make my choices. Not sure I would comfortably have sex with people watching either, but that moment was a culmination and an opportunity.

Intimacy is essential, in this human span. We need love, both to receive and give.  Most of us learn more about guarding our softness than opening our arms to welcome it.  Punishment or exposure are neat tricks, keeping us equating silence with safety. Hiding which means to cloak also means to beat, or hurt so just in the word we discover the duality and difficulty of speaking out and revealing our inner sweetness.. If you don’t hide, society has a way of giving you a hiding, that hurts like hell and has you running back to hide.

In my cave of hidden feelings I never felt safe, and I longed to feel, and be touched with love so I could heal.   As I journeyed back to release the ghosts of intimacy of the past, I have found love for me, and learned to feel deeply.

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