50 Things You Should Try For Hotter Sex

How to be Sexy


How to be Sexy
Don't be scared to be sexy.
Turn yourself on, take compliments, and other ways to pump up your sexiness.

4. Ask for what you want. Get cozy with recognizing and expressing exactly what that is by being direct, come from a place of joy, with no strings attached to the outcome. Coyness and pretence is boring. So is sitting on the sidelines waiting for permission to take your turn. Women are really good at swallowing their needs and taking care of everyone else.  While it might seem like the perfect solution, it fails miserably at creating happiness because no one gets what they want if we are all running around compromising and pretending.  Silent niceness is poison which breeds guilt, sulks and kills sex appeal.  Being mad or manipulative because you were too nice to ask for what you wanted is a lousy way to build relationships, or launch flirting encounters.

5. Be present.  Switch off the carping mind that runs on fear and control.  Bring yourself into the moment.  Let pleasure, love and joy guide you.  Practice daily meditation. Connect to the earth while walking outdoors, and engage in a daily gratitude ritual. Take time to be alone in your own sacred space,  what I call a ‘Sanctuary of Chic’. Embrace the art of living well by listening and enjoying what arrives in the current moment. Nothing is more sensual and tantilizing than being around someone who is paying attention to what you are sharing, as if the world revolves around you.

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What other ways can you engage your self and increase your vibrancy? The more real and in your body you are, the higher your level of sexy is and the greater your sex appeal.

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