Does a woman need a room of her own?


Does a woman need a room of her own?
A woman requires a sweet spot hideout to release her inner core, the most erogenous zone of all.

Often the doer within women becomes the  “the voice of reason”  and whispers all the reasons why you must not be selfish.   Millions of tears drop in silence daily by women because they have nowhere to go.  Their lives are lived in plain sight, under the watchful eye of other people.  Sometimes the people in your life are other people. Prodding, pushing and slapping you down.  But in that sacred room, the temple to your soul, you can find inner peace, a connection to the passion that brought you to this life.  A way back to solace and to staking a claim.  Proving to you and to all those on your superhighway that you matter.    That you can create boundaries in a room of your own.


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Finding the space to create your room is simple, walk through your home with a fresh eye.  Is there an unused space that calls to you?  That guest room full of junk, or a bed that is never used?  A generous landing with room for a big chair or even a corner by the fire?   If no space is free, perhaps you can find room to double up.  Create your corner in your shared bedroom and declare it off limits while you are in retreat mode.   If nothing at all is available then plan your “room on the run”.  Keep a bag handy with all your dream making tools.

Once you have claimed your space, mark your calendar for alone time in your room. Make a list of what you need.  Keep it simple to get started.  A chair, a lamp, a small table culled from whatever you have at home or shop in your budget. Garage sales can be troves of goodness.   Release your inner dreamer, slow down that highway traffic to still. 

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What would you do in your room?   The only rule is it has to be self "centered" nothing  to do with anyone else.  Perhaps you start journaling, sketching or doing the crossword.  Whatever “writing” means to you in an indulgent heart opening way.   Put your feet up and get comfortable. Connect to your inner fire and release her in everyday spaces. 

You might be surprised what happens when you release you hidden passions

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