3 Ways To Improve Your Sex Life


3 Ways To Improve Your Sex Life
An attentive lover takes the time to learn what turns their partner on & delights in their pleasure.

3. Make a date. Some people resist the idea of carving out time specifically for sex, claiming that sex should just happen spontaneous.  However, spontaneity is seriously over rated. People may assume they don’t need to make plans to be together because they live in the same house and sleep in the same bed, but all too often their sex life begins to suffer the moment they stop dating and start taking each other for granted.  Making a date does many things to improve your odds of having quality sex on a regular basis.  Making specific plans to be with our partner at a specific time helps us to mentally set everything else aside, and really focus on each other.  Knowing that we have plans to be with our partner also allows us to prepare, build sexual excitement and anticipation as we look forward to our special “date”.  Some of your dates may be romantic or fun dates where the point is to spend time together doing something that gets you and your partner out of the house, sharing an experience, and hopefully putting you both in a more playful mood.  However, you should also make specific plans to stay in for some sexy time. Why not make a “sex date”?  Put on some sexy lingerie, turn off the TV and your cell phones, light a candle, put on a little romantic music and spend some quality time making love. You may even spice it up now and then by going somewhere special for a sexual encounter with each other. A little weekend getaway or a rendezvous can go a long way to make you feel more romantic and passionate. Personally I think we can (and should) have a love affair with our partner.

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