Happy Mother's Day. This Means You.


Happy Mother's Day.  This Means You.
Cards and flowers are lovely, but the holiday can mean much more to moms and those who love them

Moms today worry a lot. Yes, mothers have always worried, but today’s young moms are so busy that sometimes motherhood feels like a problem-solving exercise: How can I balance my work, my own needs, and my family? How will I breastfeed my baby after I go back to work? How can I make sure my kids get the education they need?

These are important questions, and mothers shouldn’t be facing them alone. That's part of the heritage of Mother’s Day. Anna Jarvis, who -- inspired by her own hard-working mother -- started Mother’s Day over 150 years ago to draw attention to Appalachian poverty, hoped it would galvanize people to care about others in need.


We all need to pay much more attention to the practical needs of families because they matter to all of us. Men need to step up to the plate so that some Mother’s Day in the near future we’ll be able to say moms no longer do twice as much housework and childcare as dads. Women need a place to pump other than the office bathroom. And, as we all know, we need to improve our schools.

This Mother’s Day, the biggest gift you can give the moms in your life is to recognize your role in raising the next generation and start pitching in -- at home, at work and in your community.

As for you, moms, let's talk about the deeper meaning of motherhood.  I mean the dimension you may barely have time to focus on when you're racing from breakfast table to daycare to the office and back again. 

From the moment you feel that flutter inside and know it’s quickening, you get the chance to tune in deeply to yourself, to ground your awareness in your body, in a way you never quite have before. Your child reaches out with a fierce, messy immediacy long before she or he has words to say she or he wants the real you. You discover how much you have to offer that has nothing to do with email or calendars or quarterly reports. 

Being a mother opens up a path for your soul.  Sometimes the ride can be bumpy and frustrating, but motherhood can lead to a life richer than you ever imagined.

If you’re a mom reading this, let’s celebrate that today. Own it, enjoy it, learn from it, let it change you. Happy Mother’s Day. 

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