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Are You Dating A Momma's Boy?

Have you ever dated a guy and for the most part, things are good? He’s smart, funny, and attractive. He hits most of your major “must haves” however; there is one thing that bothers the hell out of you…. His mother! Does it seem like she is always around, sticking her nose into your ...

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Single? Why Men May Ignore You

Picture this: It's Friday night and you are dressed up, ready for a night out on the town with your friends. You hit the best night spots and have a blast, but you are bothered by the fact that all night, not one guy made a pass at you. There is something to ...

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7 Stages To Getting Over Infidelity

We have all been there. You’re in a relationship and find out that the one you love and trusted with all of your heart has betrayed you by “giving it up” to someone else. There’s no predictability involved in the scenario. You might think that things are at their best. Sometimes you might ...

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4 Ways To Sabotage Your Online Dating Action

In the golden age of technology, online and mobile dating has become a prominent way to connect with new people. With an estimated 40 billion singles online, it has never been easier to target and meet potential love interests. At the click of a button, you can meet and possibly find the man or woman of your ...

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Stroking His Ego: Why It Is Non-Negotiable

It can be so easy to become complacent in your relationship. I often hear couples complain about not feeling appreciated or valued by their partner. Things become routine and chore-like and eventually something that used to feel so fun and intoxicating has now become stale and routine-like. Resentment and regret ...

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Articles by J. Cameron Gantt

Are You Dating A Momma's Boy?

Is your partner’s mother ruing your relationship? Here's 4 tips to help you get things back on track

Single? Why Men May Ignore You [EXPERT]

Single? Why Men May Ignore You

Plus: 5 ways to attract male attention!

Crying Bride

7 Stages To Getting Over Infidelity

A step by step plan to getting over the discovery of a cheating mate.

Yes No Maybe

4 Ways To Sabotage Your Online Dating Action

Is your dating profile getting hits? Check out the reasons why it may not be working in your favor.

Happy Couple

Stroking His Ego: Why It Is Non-Negotiable

Why men need you to make them feel like they are #1.

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