Impress...or Depressed?


Impress...or Depressed?
What men should do to impress women...or not...

In the title of the article, I mentioned "depressed" so I want to expound. Guys that are trying to impress women who clearly have no clue about making a good impression are depressing to women. Guys, let's give our ladies hope to have successful relationships, not to be depressed with men because of examples like these: A woman once told me this guy she was talking to had 4 children, he was unemployed and lived at home with his mom, but he had awesome "game." Depressing. That equates to a having a 4-cylinder Lamborghini with no A/C, cloth interior, one of the wheels has a hubcap and the scissor doors are broken. Quite depressing! Here's another instance: Sending someone an unsolicited photo of your "lack of confidence" which you call manhood...quite depressing. Fellas, real talk--women don't want to see that. All you might get that night, is a restraining order! You have to stimulate her mind. Interestingly enough, if you really talk to her, you may find out that she will stimulate yours as well...impressive, huh?

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