My Success Intimidates Men – What Do I Do?


My Success Intimidates Men – What Do I Do?
8 Tips To Help


When men learn I am highly educated and successful, they often get intimidated. It doesn’t make for a successful dating life and it is also so disheartening, especially because I’ve worked so hard to achieve these goals.



My column -  Successful Men Are Attracted To Successful Women – Did I Read Correctly? – dwelt on the “Intimidation factor,” the barrier to dating faced by intelligent and successful women.

I had suggested a mindset shift encouraging accomplished female readers to confidently consider their educational and professional accomplishments as assets in their dating efforts.

Statistics support such a shift; 71% of high-achieving men actually said a woman’s educational or career success makes her more desirable as a wife.

We look at some dating tips for the alpha woman.

Successful women who become anxious about their appeal may give off negative or desperate vibes, and that attitude, rather than their success, may be what is actually repelling men. Given that our attitudes are under our control, we can do something about them.

Below are some concrete things successful women can do which convey an attitude likely to be well-received by men:

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