3 Ways To Avoid Sex Addiction Relapse


3 Ways To Avoid Sex Addiction Relapse

3. Stay honest:
This is the area that holds the most danger if there are any compromises! Lies, deceptions, hidden plans, and not being real when there is temptation. It is what got the individual who struggles with sex addiction in the frying pan in the first place! Too often, when the individual starts to find success, they will not want to admit that there are still struggles, temptations, and overwhelming feelings. This is the first step toward relapse, hurting themself and damaging their relationships, their job, their family and their future all over again. Not only are they starting to feel freer but others are starting to see a change also and it is much safer and real to be honest, to own the temptations. Being honest about struggles is not failing; it is actually showing humility, character and a real honesty! Lying, hiding and deceiving are failure that leads to relapse and possibly more!
Relapse does NOT have to happen! However, if the individual who struggles with sex addiction does not focus on the specific plan and the steps that were taken to head down the road to recovery, healing and freedom, they can find themselves not only back where they started but with even more damage to face! Stay humble, stay connected, and stay honest and it will bring the consistency, the growth and the integrity that can last a lifetime!

Three Ways to Avoid Sex Addiction Relapse


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