4 Truths About Anger Over The Presidential Election


4 Truths About Anger Over The Presidential Election [EXPERT]
Let go of your anger about the election.

2. Anger is extremely shortsighted ...  and has a record of making very poor, often self-destructive decisions that can have long-term consequences. Anger doesn't fix any problems, it actually often escalates them, and you'll find yourself in a deeper hole than before you elected anger.

3. Anger has a track record of over-promising but under-delivering. You may feel in the moment very powerful, but unfortunately, you are actually powerless!


4. Anger can lead to addiction. At the root of the anger is some type of pain or trauma in a person's past, and because that pain isn't being dealt with and addressed in a healthy way, hurt people become angry people, and often use other methods to help themselves deal with the pain, or self-medicate. That's why there is a strong correlation of angry people having other addictions, like addictions to alcohol, or to sex, or to drugs, etc.

I have worked with many clients for whom anger has been a response to deal with something that had hurt/wounded them as a child or growing up. For example, it could be that they were picked on, teased, or bullied as a child or teenager, and they carry around today as an adult, emotional injuries of feeling rejected, unaccepted, not good enough, or like they just don't belong or fit in. These emotional injuries cause feelings that are like scripts or messages that were sent to them, which are often unconscious, and the emotion of anger is used to wrestle with the pain of those hurt messages, by dulling the pain by switching the person's focus, or as a drive to deny the message they had received, and so prove that it is wrong.

One of the first things that you could do is to acknowledge that you are angry …

  • I am angry because my candidate lost;
  • I am angry because I am disappointed and my expectations have not been met;
  • I am angry because I feel like I am headed in the wrong direction and someone else is in the drivers seat;
  • I am angry that so many people in this country voted the way they did, and I think they are wrong; or
  • You can't get to where you want to be, if you don't know where you are now.

Even if your candidate for president lost the election, find acceptance in knowing that you did everything you could by utilizing your right and responsibility to vote. Now that the Presidential election is over, remember that you have still have the responsibility, daily, and moment by moment, to elect the emotional response that will be healthiest for you, your loved ones, and your country.

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