Risky Rendezvous: Crazy Places To Have Sex (And Not Get Arrested)

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crazy places to have sex
Challenge #9: Explore your deepest desires — outside of the bedroom.


By Janie Lacy


By When I think of public displays of affection (PDAs), I consider what is and what is not appropriate. I do believe that most people who are considering getting it on in public also really need to consider what is appropriate and what isn't (for instance, potential exposure to children is not okay). Most people will agree that holding hands and giving light kisses are very acceptable and even enjoyable to see at times. These behaviors don't typically make others feel uncomfortable.

On the other hand, full-on sexual acts will put people at risk for indecent exposure — we can consider this to be very inappropriate. Most people, will also consider dramatized declarations of love in public to be unacceptable and flat-out annoying by those that may witness it. Most people can agree that declarations of love should be done in private with little to no distractions so that both parties can focus and embrace the declaration.

Public displays of affection are part of mostly every relationship, whether it is holding hands in the mall or greeting each other with a kiss.  However, every relationship is different and it is important that you do what is comfortable for you and your spouse. If you do not want to witness certain things in public, it may be very likely that the feeling is reciprocated.

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