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Where is this going?


I am blessed with four wonderful nephews appropriately listed as Nephew #1 (28), Nephew #2 (24), Nephew #3&4 (15 year old twins). Nephew #3 knows that Nephew #1 often consults with me about his mangled love life. The other day Nephew #3 called me.

"Aunt Janie, I don't have a girlfriend anymore." He was very matter-of-fact about it, as if he'd just watered plants.

He did not appear to be too shattered by the break-up, so I asked him what happened.

"She asked me where our relationship was going". (Trust me, I tried my best not to bust a seam laughing).

I asked him what his reply to her was, and he said, "I told her, hey, I'm 15. I don't even know where I'm going later today!" Obviously this response to her question was not what she expected, nor wanted to hear, so she called it quits.

Gee, I thought MY life was complex :-)


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