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Ahh. Coffee. Awake now. Can you hear me? *ahem* OK, so today I have to
take the cutest dog in the Universe, Spike, to the Vet to get his teeth
cleaned, and to check on why he squeaks when he moves a certain way
(I'm sure it's because he swallowed a squeaker from a toy. Vets..geesh,
what do they know?). This means, because I live in the woods, I must
venture 30 miles to civilization.

Yesterday was a hard day. Sorry. After a long night
and a good talk with God, it always makes me feel refreshed, and eager
to begin anew. Do you remember an excerpt from a song by Cat
Stevens (whom has since changed his name to something that I can't
pronounce)? It went "Oh very young, we're only dancing on this Earth a
short while". I kept playing it in my mind, mostly because I don't have
a turntable anymore and what good are records? But, I love the theme of this song, and I loved Cat Stevens in the 70's.

Today,I woke up to
the stunning majesty of "God's country" surrounded by so much
inspiration- it IS a new day. And all those cliches and peppy one
liners come flooding back to me: Life IS a gift; a joyful experience. I
inhale the freshness of new beginnings. As I write this, I am reminded
that there are no "endings", merely transitions and thus "new

note: How about that cute Shawn Johnson snagging the Disco Ball trophy
last night on DWTS??? And, yes, I will plaster myself to American Idol
tonight to see who will win....I'm sucha reality addict.

Sending you angels,


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