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Same book, on Different Pages

Same book, on Different Pages

"Will he ever come around to realize how wonderful I am?" "Will she ever want me in the way that I want her?" "We're friends now, but I want more." "I am always there for him, and sometimes he acts as if I am great, then he disappears."

These are questions and statements that I've heard a thousand times or more. I try to be as honest and clear (and compassionate) as I can when answering them, but what I see is so lop-sided, and a one-way street of too much effort being put into someone that clearly isn't returning that effort.

What to DO? Well, my blog today The Angel's Loft addresses the dilemma that many couples starting out, or that have been 'together' in a one-sided relationship confront. Or, in most cases, choose not to confront because then the significant other wannabe comes to true light as not being quite so significant.

Is it safer to hold onto a HOPE that one day, magically, the person you desire will realize how great you are? OR is it HEALTHIER to realize NOW that you're putting your soul into someone that LIKES you but probably will not re-categorize you from "friend" to "significant"?

It's always your choice to decide what YOU should do! Listen to your heart, not your head.

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