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Restoring INspiration

Restoring INspiration
Love, Heartbreak

I try so hard NOT to listen to "the news" because to me, all it does is emit long dissertations of how negative things are. And, I'm a firm believer in the "TUT" principle that "thoughts become things". As Esther&Jerry Hicks point out: "What you THINK about, what you THANK about, is what you BRING about". (I believe they are credited with this quote). My blog today, from "The Angel's Loft" addresses the importance of remaining positive, and inspired even during UNinspiring times.

If you are feeling at your last straw with your loved one, bickering over stupid petty things, snapping at each other worse than sea turtles- read this! There is NO need, except the "need" that YOU and YOU, alone, create.

Sure, maybe you're struggling right now, but do you really need to take it out on a partner or someone that is trying their hardest to be there for you? Maybe that person can't offer you financial support, but they gift you their love and reassurances, thus providing you with confidence that "YES, YOU CAN" make it through anything.

Make it a great day. I send you angels. And love.


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