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Rejeuvenate YOU - GIVE


I was thinking (oh, help, Jane was "thinking") about how many "causes" there are out there that require our assistance as human beings. I know that when you find yourself "suddenly single" there's a huge void that your soul feels.  Generally speaking, post-breakup, your self-esteem has been shrunken to the point of non-existence, and most of us feel ucky about ourselves. The best remedy to refill those emotional reservoirs that have been drained? Give.

But, at what level do you give? Writing a check and sending it off to some huge organization really doesn't have that much satisfaction around it. Get involved in a charity that YOU are passionate about. You will discover that you surround yourself with people that are enthusiastic, energetic, and optimistic - and that kind of energy is contagious. In no time, you feel yourself being HAPPY with YOU because little by little YOU are making a difference.

On my blog today, I wrote a bit more extensive about this. Take a look: The Angel's Loft. We are ALL special.  Sending you angels for a great day!  - Jane,


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