Recession Romance: Top 10 DVD's to "Get the Party Started"


This is from the producers of "There's Something About Mary" so you KNOW it's good. And, the DVD box says it's "sinfully funny". This one is PERFECT for CONTINUING conversation well into the wee hours of the morning.... *ahem*......

Number 2: "As Good As It Gets" "You make me want to be a better Man" movie... seriously, Jack does it again. He's such a great "He-man" and with Helen Hunt in this movie who's a wonderful single tough woman, it's an absolutely perfect DVD night romantic dinner movie. Promise. YOU won't be disappointed. Especially if you say to your guy, "you make me want to be a better woman"..... ok, maybe that's pushing it. But, the dog is truly irresistible.


Number 1: "City of Angels" Gosh darn, Nicholas Cage is totally ANGELICALLY AWESOME in this romantic drama, as he woos Meg Ryan. This is the movie you watch in a well-established relationship that asks the question: "Dude, seriously, what would your life be like without me?" I LOVE, LOVE LOVE this movie, as it embraces the concept that, gee, we aren't alone and yes, there are angels watching us. Ok, so what if the angels are all men? I didn't have MUCH of a problem with that, and had absolutely NO problem with the story line! It's wonderful!

BONUS PICK #1: IF your DUDE is a TRUE sports nut then Oliver Stone's "Any Given Sunday" is a MUST SEE. You will fall in LOVE with all the sub-plots (and of course Al Pacino, Dennis Quaid and Jamie Foxx are SO worth watching) you will forget it's a movie about football. Your guy may forget it's a movie about football, too, because Cameron Diaz is SO darn attractive, and SUCH A B-scratchthatword. Yes, there's romance in it, combined with being a GREAT feelgood movie that it will leave you BOTH feeling good! (oh, and wanting to continue that feelygood mood).

There's my suggestions and recommendations for Recession Romance! Make it a great day!!

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