Merging Walls? 5 MUST SEES before moving in together!


Merging Walls? 5 MUST SEES before moving in together!

Setting out who rules the remote will save you a ton of argument later down the road. Why? Because maybe the location of your other television set isn't as comfortable as the main one. Maybe your other T.V. is a 30" flat panel, and the main one is a 55" flat panel - well, you get the idea....

Moving in together can signify that you are both very committed to your relationship and making it work. It should be an exciting time and full of new adventures as you both take the next step with each other. Please, don't get so caught up in the fantasy of what it "will be like" without FIRST addressing the realities of life. If you talk about these things BEFORE you move in, it saves a ton of argument, resentment, and most of all NO confronting the issues AFTER you move in! Make it a GREAT Day!

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