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Are you Plan A or Plan B?

Are you Plan A or Plan B?

Everyone wants that relationship back that was easy, uncomplicated and predictable. The EX relationship. All the great components that accompanied that relationship (we conveniently forget about the not-so-great aspects of it).

Why does an EX re-appear into your life -which usually comes right around the time you've reconciled with yourself that the person is gone, and things are starting to get back to normal again. Oh, sure, your heart is still aching, but overall, you're making it on a day to day basis, and those pangs of pain are fewer and further between. Then along comes the EX.                             

Today's blog, The Angel's Loft,  is about determining if you are Plan "A" or if you're Plan "B". Many times the EX returns in sheep's clothing, a costume that can be easily removed...again.

Make it a great day! Jane, 


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