The Problem With Money


The Problem With Money
Who says talking about money has to be boring?

Hi, I'm Jane Honeck. I've been a CPA for over thirty years, working with clients on tax and financial issues. And, during those years, I've been told that I'm not your typical accountant. I've even been called a psycho-accountant (no, I'm not crazy!). I'm proud of that because I'd hate to think that I'm the stereotypical accountant—boring, lifeless, with no personality. Did you ever wonder why there aren't any accountant jokes? Because there is nothing funny about an accountant, and they are just too boring to bother with!

Seriously though, money doesn't have to be a dry, boring topic. The truth is, the problem with money is not about the money itself. Instead, it's about the beliefs and values that drive the way we deal with money. Exploring those beliefs and values is about people—and people never are boring!

I remember working with a young couple years ago who wanted to clear up their overwhelming credit card debt. I taught John and Sharon all about credit card debt: about interest rates and about the tools they could use to pay off this debt. I reviewed their budget to help them make wise spending decisions. They left my office fully committed to making the changes needed to get out from under the debt.

And, 10 years later, they were back—and not with the hoped for "problem" of how to invest their excess money. No, they were back with the same problem—only this time the credit card debt had grown to keep up with their increasing income.  I knew then that the problem with money was not about the money! It was clear that just talking about the mechanics of finances wasn't enough. Left brain solutions weren't going to solve the problem.

So, this blog is going to be about unearthing the beliefs and values that keep us stuck and prevent us from reaching our financial goals.  We won't be looking at this from only a personal perspective; we'll also be looking at it from a business, national and world perspective.  Because needless to say, we are today's financial mess together, and together we can turn this around.

So, stay tuned—I promise you won't be bored, and if you find you are, let me know—I may have slipped into that accountant role (you know the one I mean)! I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments. Because together, I know we can figure this one out!

Jane works with individuals and couples in person, by telephone or Skype. As coach, consultant and trusted advisor, Jane will help find a new way of thinking about and living with money. During a series of six meetings you and Jane will co-create the best way to solve your specific money issues. Along the way, you may choose to continue working with Jane to tackle other business, work, and life issues

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Jane Honeck, CPA, PFS, PCC
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Founder of The Money Dynamic, a revolutionary program for changing your life with money, Jane helps you uncover your strengths while debunking the beliefs that hold you hostage to a financial life you don’t want or deserve.

Using her 30+ years of traditional experience as a CPA and Personal Financial Specialist, Jane works with couples (and individuals) to change their relationship with each other and money. Based on her internationally published and awarding winning book, The Problem With Money? It’s Not About The Money! Jane opens you to a whole new world of financial freedom.

Listen to The Money Dynamic Radio Show on her website and discover how changing your thinking will change your financial life forever.

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