6 Ways To Celebrate Valentine's Day While Single


6 Ways To Celebrate Valentine's Day While Single
This Valentine's Day, the only kind of love you want is the real thing, and it starts with you!

I know. It’s that holiday again. The one where it seems like all of the women in the office are getting a big, gorgeous bouquet of flowers except you. Where you feel like there may as well be a big sign over your desk with an arrow pointing down saying “I don’t have anybody to send me flowers!”

If that sounds more than a little cynical, it’s because I have a very good memory of all the Valentine’s Days I celebrated as a single girl, and I can still recall the dread I felt each year as the day rolled around. Sure, there were a few years when I actually encountered both the holiday and a boyfriend at the same time – but this was a feat not often repeated. Most of the time it was just me watching from my cubicle as the parade of flower deliveries began finding their way all across the offices of the particular company where I was working at the time. Always the same assortments of a dozen red roses; maybe with a different vase or a little more or less baby’s breath, but all saying the same thing – “I have someone; I’m not alone”. Next to Christmas and New Year’s, it was the one holiday that was the hardest to be single.


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And that’s why I’m writing about what you can do to make it a little easier on yourself if you’re having a tough time being single around this time of year. So enough about what’s lacking about this day; let’s get on to what’s great about it. And what makes it the best day of all for you. Because Valentine’s Day was created to celebrate LOVE, and the most important thing you can do to bring true love into your life is to love yourself. So this Valentine’s Day, let’s make it all about YOU!

1. Begin with Celebrating You!

Today is your day. You are your very own special Valentine. No matter what you think of today or what our culture thinks of today, or what anyone else thinks about it, the fact is that it’s a day for celebrating LOVE. So start by celebrating all of the things that you love about yourself. Make a list of everything that you’ve done, that you’ve created, talents that you have, people that you’ve helped. This is not a time to be humble – you’re only writing this to yourself, so no one will think you’re bragging. Even if it’s something as simple as “I love to sing in the shower” or “I always remember everyone’s birthdays” or “I take care of my dog”, write it down. Don’t stop until you’re feeling great about yourself. 

2. Give Yourself a Special Gift

Whether it’s the dozen red roses you’re wishing someone would send you, that box of chocolates that you love, or the perfect card that you imagine your perfect guy giving you, give yourself a special gift that celebrates the uniqueness of you! The beauty is that you can give yourself exactly what you know you want, so there’s no chance of disappointment.

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