6 Traits Men Find Absolutely Irresistible

6 Traits Men Find Absolutely Irresistible [EXPERT]

While a sultry dress and stilettos may make him look, what really gets him going might surprise you.

Most men highly value their alone time, and they need to know that they won't lose all of it if they're in a relationship with you. It's as simple as mentioning a project that you're working on (non-career related), talking about an interesting course that you're taking for fun, or a weekend getaway you have planned with your girlfriends. By casually letting him know that you have other interests (you do, right?) and that you like to spend time and have plans with your friends, he'll feel good knowing that you'll be ok without him when he needs his alone time. 

5. You're Interested

You want to find out more about this cute guy you just met, right? So you're asking a few questions about him — where he grew up, how many siblings he has, any pets? Not to the point of it sounding like an interview, and certainly not questions that are inappropriately personal, but generally you're showing him that you're interested in getting to know him better (and you are, right?) This makes him realize that once you're in a relationship together it won't just be all about youLove: The Key to Fighting Fair In A Relationship

6. You're glowing

People that are happy, exuberant, enthusiastic, and have a great attitude towards life are very attractive to other people. It's like there's a light that shines from your eyes and your smile, and surrounds you, bathing you in its translucent beauty.

It's a of mix of confidence, physical and emotional health, self-esteem, and loving your life. Men can't help but pick up on this energy and get drawn in by it. It may have been what brought him over to you in the first place, and he'll be so intrigued by this vibrant gem that he's found that he won't be able to tear himself away.

This inner glow is not something you can fake, and I know it's not always easy to feel when you've been dateless for a while and may be starting to feel down on yourself and your life. If you're not feeling the glow right now, then it may be time to take a break from the search and work on improving your happiness, confidence levels, and self-esteem. 

The best way to start feeling good about yourself and your life simply involves doing things that you love, being healthy (physically and emotionally), and getting some accomplishments under your belt, even if they're relatively simple ones. The Absolute Best Place To Meet Mr. Right

Try your hand at something new, something slightly intimidating, and keep at it until you've become relatively proficient. Accomplishing things that you were initially afraid to try can be an excellent confidence booster and add tremendously to your excitement and zeal for life.

The key to each of these really boils down to being your best, authentic self. If you can focus on being true to yourself, following your own interests without trying to be something different than what you are, then everything else will fall into place.

Once you stop trying to go against your own true nature you'll discover your own sense of self, you'll feel more confident and happy, you'll be more excited about life, you'll be more loving, and you'll start to attract the same into your life. You'll be nothing less than irresistible.

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