10 Ways To Have A Loving Holiday Season


Christmas couple
How to make sure holiday stress doesn't ruin your relationship.

7. Let go of perfectionism. You may have watched too many holiday movies growing up or be trying to emulate a TV show, friend or imaginary vision. Human beings are NOT perfect. Enjoy the moment as it unfolds, instead of waiting for some idyllic scene. You only have this moment, don't lose it.

8. Although there will be many foods and drinks not typically available to you during the rest of the year, eat and drink them in moderation. Certainly, drinking too much can diminish inhibitions, loosening the tongue a bit more than usual. Words may be spoken to each other that will be tough to take back later. Don't forget that hangovers make you cranky!


9. Whether you've been together 20 years or this is your first, remember that you both were raised in different families with distinct family traditions surrounding the holidays. Expect to disagree about some things. If you have not come to a happy compromise yet, you will continue to argue over the same things year after year. Better to negotiate early on with your own new traditions.

10. Most importantly, take time every day to hug and kiss each other, no matter how busy your day has been. It will only take 2 minutes but the feeling will last a long time!

Enjoy your holidays with your family and friends in love and peacefulness. 6 Tips To Minimize Holiday Stress

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