The Worst Online Dating Profiles I've Ever Seen


The Worst Online Dating Profiles I've Ever Seen
The top 4 turnoffs for men and women when it comes to online dating.

3.  Unwillingness to date your own age.  This lights an angry fire under women like you can not believe.  If you're 50, and you're only willing to (in the published age section) date women up to 40, I can't tell you how many women are cursing you.   If you think you don't look your age, I guarantee you that every other man has told me the same thing.  There are some drop dead beautiful cougars out there.  Do NOT cut them out of your dating picture!

4.  Not reading her profile before you send her an email.  Women will hit that delete button so fast it will make your head spin, if you ignore what's written in her profile.  She knows that she's one of 100 women that you've just emailed a canned message to because you liked her photo.  She wants you to be interested in her as a person too.  If you're short on time, it's better to send her a version of the sites "flirt" or "wink" and see if she responds with one of her own.  Then, read her profile carefully, and comment on whatever strikes you.  Unlike men, women love probing questions, because it shows genuine interest.  



My biggest piece of advice to both men and women is:  Don't lie in your online profile....about anything!  You are only wasting your time, and there is someone out there who is perfect for you just the way that you are!  Both men and women should try their hardest to remain positive and upbeat through their online dating experience.  If your last date did not represent themselves accurately, do not hold it against this morning's coffee date.  He or She just might be the one!  Every date is a fresh potential adventure for the rest of your life.  Do your best to enjoy as much of the process as you can.  I wish you lots of luck and love on your online dating adventure!

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