Why Are You Single?


Why Are You Single?
13 "Gay" Excuses For Being Single & The Reasons Why They Don’t Work.

7. All the good ones are taken or straight
There’s a deeper issue here. Anyone who says this and believes it probably needs therapy. Having an exclusive attraction to unavailable men is self-sabotage and you will find yourself either alone or damaged by a resume of unhealthy relationships.

8. I don’t like a lot of drama.
Nobody likes conflict, but it happens. When things don’t go your way in a relationship, you have to be prepared to deal with it and willing to work through it. Using the drama factor as an excuse can make it seem like you are a control freak and not in it for the long haul.

9. It’s hard to find a discreet guy
Seriously… Come out of the closet already!

10. All gay guys want is sex
Men can’t really want something from you that you are not advertising. Maybe you should change your approach and leave sex off the table during the early stages of getting to know them.

11. Who needs a boyfriend when you have friends
Codependency is crippling. Your friends should be a portion of your life, not the center. Time to man up and start venturing out on your own. Relationships are hard enough with 2 people involved, additional opinions or approval are not required.

12. I go on dates but they never call back
You either scare them away from talking too much about your personal issues or you give up the booty quick and the thrill of the chase is gone. Focus on getting to know the men you date before you start spilling your all your dirty little secrets.

13. The guys I like don’t like me
If you find yourself in a position to where you are chasing guys who have no interest in you maybe you should adjust the criteria in which you base your attraction on. Don’t lust and chase after people you don’t have anything in common with because at the end of the day, your setting yourself up for rejection.

So what excuses have you heard? Share your story and let us know what you think!

J. Cameron Gantt is the head dating coach and matchmaker for Insti(Gay)tor, a Chicago-based matchmaking agency for gay singles. Connect with him at and download his FREE E-Guide “3 Secrets To Attract More Dates.”

This article was originally published at . Reprinted with permission from the author.

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J. Cameron Gantt is a Certified Life Coach and Matchmaker for Insti(Gay)tor, The Exclusively Gay Matchmaking Agency. He is a featured contributor for various dating and relationship websites offering expert advice on GLBT dating and relationships.

Connect with J. Cameron at and receive his FREE E-Gude “3 Secrets To Attract More Dates!”



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