Stroking His Ego: Why It Is Non-Negotiable


Stroking His Ego: Why It Is Non-Negotiable
Why men need you to make them feel like they are #1.

Keeping Him Stimulated

Men love it when their partners keep them on their toes. A little bit of mystery can create a lot curiosity. Throw in some variety and it will keep him thinking about you and wanting more.


Another thing people tend to overlook is the fact that men like variety. Hello! If we didn’t, what would be the purpose of watching porn? The attraction of porn is not necessarily the fantasy of sexing someone different anytime you want. The allure is actually doing something different from what you are used to and this is where the stimulation of the mind and body comes into play.

Don’t get lazy and fall into silly routines. Schedules are good when it comes to work and getting things done but for relationships, they can be detrimental. Going out only on certain nights, having sex always before bedtime, same types of sex in the same order and same positions.  Once it becomes predictable, it becomes boring. Once you or your partner loses interest, you will have to work your ass off trying to get it back and run the risk either you or him looking externally for something that’s missing from the relationship.

Switch it up and add a little spice every now and then. Make an effort to figure out what he likes and capitalize off of it. Don’t be afraid to deviate from the usual and try some thing new. If his interests match your own, you may be in for a few fun surprises yourself.

In short, set your relationship up for long-term success. Don’t let the everyday stress of life make you lazy when it comes to making your partner feel like he is appreciated.

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