Digital Infidelity: Innocent Fun Or Online Affair?


Digital Infidelity: Innocent Fun Or Online Affair? [EXPERT]
Plus: 3 tips to help prevent e-cheating in your relationship.

You have to work together in order to set boundaries. If the two of you can't reach an agreement, chances are that the relationship will not survive. It's better to be clear from the beginning than to deal with the potential stress it can cause in the future. If you have a concern, don't hold it in and allow it to fester. Speak your mind and deal with it head on.

3. Actions and accountability. If boundaries have been crossed, then it needs to be addressed immediately. Sometimes, people like to test the limits to see how far they can go before you say something. Once you start tolerating inappropriate behavior, without holding the person accountable, it will be virtually impossible to curb that behavior in the future.


I am not saying that there is no room for error because things happen. But, just because mistakes are made shouldn't suggest that there are not going to be consequences. Single? Why Men May Ignore You

If you need external help, I would suggest employing a mediator or a licensed psychotherapist to help you deal with the problem. But, stick to your guns. Don't attempt to rationalize or compromise when it comes to your feelings. Just because you are in a relationship doesn't mean that you should sacrifice your happiness. You have to do what makes you happy and if it means the end of that relationship, then so be it. 7 Stages To Getting Over Infidelity [EXPERT]

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