5 Gay Guys You Should Consider Dating


5 Gay Guys You Should Consider Dating [EXPERT]
Don't miss out on love. Date different kinds of men instead.

Finding love is hard, but I think a lot of times, gay guys can be a bit critical of each other. The truth is, there are plenty of eligible bachelors out there that are searching for a partner and all they need is a chance to prove themselves. Are You Sabotaging Your Own Dating Life? [EXPERT]

Here are five types of men that may not catch your attention at first sight, but are probably worth the time.


1. Short guys often get disqualified for something they have no control over: their genes. They have dealt with being short their whole lives and as a defense mechanism, they have often taken time to develop other valuable qualities that compensate for their shortcomings (pun intended). Some examples of this are the short men that are extremely intelligent, wealthy or have an impeccable sense of humor.

When it comes to sex, don't count him out. There are probably a few inches that have been overlooked in his stats as well. He can also maneuver into some interesting and exciting positions and probably teach you a few tricks in how to get the job done.

2. Nice guys will walk to the edge of the earth to ensure your happiness. They always tend to finish last because of their big hearts and vulnerabilities. Unfortunately, kind men are taken advantage of a lot, so one may be more cautious in the earliest stages of the relationship.

Don't mistake him for a pushover. Most nice guys have a high tolerance for BS, but once you cross that line, prepare to meet your doom.

When it comes to sex, he aims to please and in most cases, he knows how to lay it down well. A good heart and some good nookie equals husband material!

3. Shy guys really just need time to warm up to you. When they do, they can be some of the best friends or lovers.

Shy guys are self-reliant, so you won't have to worry about them whining. They are also more likely to overextend themselves to help you when needed.

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