5 Tips To Make Your New Years Resolutions Stick


5 Tips To Make Your New Years Resolutions Stick
The New Year means New Rules! Reclaim your happiness & acheive your goals with these 5 simple tips

Action Item: Find ways to work these things into your schedule. There are 24 hours in a day so you can always find the time to get in some physical activity. If you don’t know where to start, invest in a coach, personal trainer or nutrition specialist and work with them to come up with a plan. Do it now! The longer you put it off, the less likely it is for you to do it.

3. Find A Support System


Everyone needs support in order to be successful. More importantly, you need people in your corner to hold you accountable for your actions.

Surround yourself with positive people. This can be friends, family or you can go out and meet new people who share similar goals. This way, you will never be alone on your journey and you can support each other in accomplishing your goals.

Action Item: Start thinking about who you know, who you would like to meet and what you can do to support each other. Align yourself with them and start having regular conversations with those people about your shared goals. You will start to see your plans come together and success is sure to follow.

4. Laugh As Much As Possible
A sense of humor is essential for survival. We all know that sometimes, BS just happens and it is beyond our control. Instead of letting it put you into a negative space, try to find the humor in it and laugh about it. You may have to cry, yell and break things at first, but in the end give it a chuckle and chalk it up to experience.

Once you can do this, it will prevent you from letting negative experiences keep you from finding positive ones. Also, these funny stories make killer ice breakers in social situations.

Action Item: Think about an experience you have had that still erks the hell out of you and write it out. Find the humor and turn it into a story. Make a punchline out of it and use it as a way to relate to other.

5. Celebrate Your Successes
Successes can be big or small. Maybe you landed a new job or a promotion at work. Maybe it’s something as simple as organizing your closet. You should always celebrate the things you are proud of.

This is important because it gives you a sense of self-worth and it reinforces the idea that no matter how big or small your contributions may be, you as a person are adding value to the world as a whole.

Action Item: Think about something you did this week that you were really proud of and celebrate it. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done and smile about it. If you can’t think of anything you have done that you should be proud of, now is the time to make a plan, do something that will add value to your life and celebrate it.
So what are your resolutions for 2013 and what will you do to make sure you succeed? Share your questions and comments below and let us know how you feel.


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