Ten Things to Appreciate about Men


Ten Things to Appreciate about Men
This article is dedicated to the men. We truly appreciate you!

8) Appreciate being noticed by a man.  One of the things I really appreciate about a man being seen – like really being seen and not just for my looks.  Don’t get me wrong, I like being noticed for being attractive or feminine; more than that, I like being noticed for being me.  I love it when a man compliments my “being” not just how looking.  Like he notices things about me that I love or things I don’t love.  I love it when men notice my intelligence, or generosity.  Equally, I like when they notice that I am passionate or sad about something.  I like when they notice that I’ve done specifically so they would notice me – like wear a certain perfume, or style my hair in a particular way or wear an outfit specifically for them.  I also like it when they notice things about me that I don’t talk about, but they discern based on our conversation.  Things like, the fact I love to cook, or appreciate certain types of adventures or activities.  I love it when they actively notice things I like.  So I told a guy I liked tea and he invited me out to a tea shop.  It’s great when a man actively notices you and actively is attentive to what he learns about you.

9) Appreciate being challenged by a man.  I love it when a man challenges me intellectually or emotionally.  I don’t mean in an argument or invalidating my feelings.  I mean actually honoring my thoughts, opinions, and feelings and offering a differing view point for my consideration.  It’s great!  I feel like he’s listening to me.  He’s actually considering me and wanting something better for me.  He’s opening me up to something different, something that would serve me in my life and in our relationship.  I’ve had men lovingly offer me something to think about that made an amazing difference in my life.  What’s also great about this, is he didn’t try to “fix” me, or say I was “wrong”.  He merely offered it to me like a chocolate covered strawberry.  It was like he really honored me as an intelligent woman who was capable of figuring it out and challenged my perception as an equal; not as someone who was an authority and had it all together or in a traditional “man” to his “woman” manner.  He really respected my ability to figure out what was right for me and challenged me to actually look and consider other opinions and facts I hadn’t in the past.  I felt like he had given me a gift and I really appreciated it.


10) Appreciate a man who appreciates your femininity.  I really appreciate a man who sees me as a woman.  I love it when a man holds doors open for me, helps me into a car, puts his hand in the small of my back and gently ushers me into a room.  I love it when he moves me behind him to protect me.  I love it when he acknowledges my femininity with words, or actions.  When he “covers” me as a woman, offering me masculine protection and provision.  When he takes care of me, and allows me to be a woman in his presence.  He appreciates me being tearful or a tempest.  He appreciates my cooking and still takes me out dancing.  Appreciates my softness, vulnerabilities, and sensuality.  He appreciates my practicality and nurturing.  He appreciates me as a mom, a temptress, or business woman.  He adores all the expressions of my femininity and is a demand for more.

So men, how did I do?  Do you feel appreciated?  Did you see yourself in any of these actions?  If you did I’d love to hear about it.

Ladies, if any of these resonated with you, share it with the men in your life.  Don’t let another day go by, without letting the man you know how much you appreciate him for being “a man” in your life.

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