Ten Things to Appreciate about Men


Ten Things to Appreciate about Men
This article is dedicated to the men. We truly appreciate you!

4) Appreciate the touch of a man.  I love it when a man touches me.  I love to feel his masculine strength.  I love it when he touches me in a special way, a way that only he and I understand and know that it drives me crazy.   I love it when he touches me in a caring way, when he cups my face and wipes my tears with his thumb.  I love it when he holds me from behind, and I can feel his heat, his sex, the full force of his masculinity.  I love him holding my face and kissing me. I love his hands around my waist.  I love it when he touches my thighs when we are driving I love it when he holds my hand.  I love it when he pulls me to him, I love it when he takes my arm and entwines it with his as we walk.  I love and really appreciate the touch of a man.

5) Appreciate being be held by a man.  I appreciate being lovingly held by a man.  When he holds me for no reason for any reason. I love being spooned or just laying against him and being held on a couch.  I love hugs and rubs when I’m sad.  I love being held when I cry.  I love feeling him against me – his heat, his strength, his touch, his love.  I feel wanted.  I feel cherished.  I feel safe.


Check out next week’s blog for the next five things to appreciate about the men in your life.

6) Appreciate the scent of a man.  I love the way a man smells after coming out of a shower or laying around the house all day.  His natural scent, mixed with something clean and fresh, or a hint of musk, or just slightly sweaty, so you can smell him.  I have been known to practically swoon over a good smelling man.  There is simply nothing like it in the world.

7) Appreciate a man’s desire for you.  I love it when a man wants me.  I love to feel the desire in his gaze, in his breath, in his voice, in his touch, vibrating through his body.  I love feeling the hum, the pulse, the almost tangible force of being desired by a man.  I’m sure everyone woman has a moment she can recall being with a man who made her feel sexy, desirable, wanted with just a gaze, a look, or single touch.  There is something about it that ignites my femininity and makes me feel powerful and vulnerable; like predator and prey all at once. 

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