10 Reasons To Love Being A Single Woman


10 Reasons To Love Being A Single Woman
Who says you need a guy to be happy and fulfilled?

4. You can get lazy in your grooming. I hate shaving, waxing, plucking, bleaching, combing, curling, etc. When you are single, I love getting back to the basics—a fresh face, easy hair (in a stylish pony tail or curly waves), comfy clothes (hello, sweats) and minimal makeup. I've considered the amount of grooming I've had to do compared to the excitement I had for the date. If I had to shave, wax or flat iron something to get ready, and I wasn't excited about him ... well, let's just say, I remained hairy and dateless!

5. You can meet and enjoy all types of men. When you are single, you meet the most amazing people and it's given me an opportunity to appreciate men on a lot of different levels. I can appreciate the honorable men who wanted to protect me, the intellectual men who can explain the most complex topic to me in a way that I can understand and process and the sensual men who are affectionate and love to touch me and demonstrate their love for me. I've learned to see that all men are not alike, that most men are just like women—wanting love, connection and affection.


6. You have more time to hang out with your friends! I love hanging out with my ladies, having girl talk, watching chick flicks, shopping, lunching, going to the spa and so many other things you can only do with women. We need both a balance of feminine and masculine energy in our lives and we crave it when we don't have it. So many of my married friends will say "I miss this girls' night out ... " and yet, they don't join us.

7. You're not financially tied to someone. I love spending my money the way I want to spend my money. If I want to do a spa day, I do it. If I want a new outfit, I buy it. If I want to blow it all in Vegas, I blow it. That's not to say I am financially irresponsible, but it's nice to be able to spend money on curtains, a nice dining room table or a trip, rather than a vibrating man chair. (OK, the vibrating man chair has some redeeming qualities, but you get the point.)

8. You have time to work on you. You have time to get over the past, let go of past dramas and traumas and say goodbye to those limiting beliefs about men and relationships once and for all! You have time to get counseling, coaching, group therapy, pray, chant, write in a journal or whatever else it takes to rid yourself of any residue of past relationships. Once that's purged and a clean new space emerges, you can write a new chapter for yourself in which you are being loved and loving someone back. You'll notice that when you treat yourself well, men will too. Keep reading ...

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