Reclaiming Your Vitality - The Journey


Reclaiming Your Vitality - The Journey
Day 5 - From Bliss to Blah in 24 Hours

Lucky for me I was prepared.  I had foods I love that make me feel good, that are also good for my body.  I also didn't allow myself to succumb to the temptation to deviate from the meals I planned.  Kudos for me!  And I stayed in flow and did the work out that called to me in the moment. 

Even though I had the blahs for most of today.  I also had quite a few wins.


I ate well.

I worked out.

I set a great example for my daughter who asked me a bunch of questions as she observed me doing all this.

I was present and notice my triggers and I didn't allow  myself to go off course.

So over all a good day was had by all!

Well except for the period thing, but well, nobody's perfect.

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