Move from Online to Dating Like a Rock Star


Move from Online to Dating Like a Rock Star
5 Tips to Get You Off the Site and On a Date!

Weak, pick-uppy lines like “Damn, your fine!” -- “Do you sell fries with that,” and “Hey Sexy Lady,” just get deleted. It feels trite, and lazy. Like you just looked at my pic, and said the first thing that came to mind without bothering to read my profile, but that's me, and I digress . . .

Actually read the women's profile and find something that genuinely interests you about her. And if there is nothing that interests you about her other than the fact that she’s hot, maybe you should move along. Men that read my profile and take the time to drop me a line regarding what’s written there always get a response, especially the ones that put something clever in the subject line. It doesn’t have to be William Shakespeare just something that says you are paying attention. WOMEN LIKE TO BE NOTICED. My profile indicates my interest in adventure, salsa, and cooking. I’ve had guys comment on my sky diving pictures which really impresses me because I don’t say anything about that in my profile, it’s something they “noticed” about me.


Some of the simplest lines got me to open the email things like “Wow – sky diving you did that?” or “We should cook together ;)” or “I love salsa!” I felt like immediately we would have something in common AND they were paying attention. Even if I read the profile and they didn’t seem like the kind of guy I would usually go out with, I would still engage him. Sometimes the best dates and relationships are with people who aren’t “your type.” And a guy who grabs my attention with a great opening line is definitely worth engaging.

2 – Ask for Her Number. After a couple of emails, ask her for the digits. Women come to the site to get acquainted with a man in person. Now I know some women aren’t comfortable with giving the number right off, but let her tell you that. Ask respectfully and offer your number if that makes her feel better. When I coach men I tell them say “You’re cool. Let’s chat. Can I have your number, or if you feel more comfortable call me. My number is XXX-XXX-XXXX," or some version of this. Why does this work? You've manned-up and ASKED for her number -- that’s masculine, intentional, and shows interest. AND you addressed her comfort and concerns about meeting men online. We feel respected and taken care of. You are LEADING! It feels good to be around a man who not only has the confidence to ask for what he wants, but is not callous about it either. He’s actually doesn’t care how we connect as long as we actually connect and is willing to do what it takes to make that happen and honor my need for comfort. Side note -- once a woman has made a connection, we want to get off the site. We’d much rather deal with you directly than deal with eHarmony, or Match to get to you. After all I don’t think either of us got on the site for a pen pal.

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