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How Can You Mend A Broken Heart?

How Can You Mend A Broken Heart?
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Say goodbye once and for all

Step Three: Ask yourself “What do I need to do to let this go?” What ever happened or didn’t happen, whatever actions you took that didn’t serve you, whatever he did that was horrible; whatever you did that was horrible; all the hurt; all the pain; the disappointment; the guilt; the shame; the blame; the anger; the sadness – ask yourself what do I need to do to let this go, to let him go?  And whatever comes up, do it!  It may be to break contact with the person.  If there are children involved that may be difficult but can be accomplished to some degree with strong boundaries.  It maybe to remove all past objects and photos from your space or burn them even.  It may be to move on from mutual friends, change jobs, move to a different living space or a different city. Or it may be to finally have that conversation with him to close the chapter once and for all.  Or to write a letter closing the chapter, if speaking with him is not possible.   Whatever comes up from your inner voice, your intuition, honor those steps.  Some of them like changing jobs or cities may take time, and if that’s what comes up honor it.  Your intuition knows what to do, what would be healing, nurturing for you.  Trust it.

Step Four: Tell a new story. Once you’ve let go of him, of the story of him, now there is no story to tell.  When you are over someone, you enter into a place of neutrality.  There’s nothing negative or positive to say.  It happened and not it’s not happening.  It’s over.  So what do you say when people ask you about your status, your love life, if you are dating anyone, are you over him?  I’m glad you asked.  You tell a new story.  And you tell it the way you want it to be.   You tell the story of the kind of relationship you want with the kind of man you want and the kind of woman you are right now.  This is actually the fun part. And it doesn’t have to be a story about a new man, it can be a story about your new life, the new you, a new career, or something that you are choosing to re-create in your life.   You can do this with dream boards, a journal entry, a letter to the universe, a prayer to your higher power.  You want to be clear not only about what you want, but how you want to feel.  It should be more like along the lines of qualities and feelings.  I appreciate a man who is confident with a deep sense of spirituality.  I appreciate working in a satisfying job that I love, that meets and exceeds my financial needs in the administrative field.  I appreciate a home that is beautiful to look at and easy to maintain in a location that supports my lifestyle.  If you’re creating a dream board find images that represent these qualities.  Images often work better for our subconscious as they convey a wealth of feeling without words which can be limiting.  Once you’ve created your new story, come up with a key phrase that says it all, so when your share your new story or people ask, say exactly what you want, with purpose and passion.  There’s no “right way” to tell a new story, the key is to tell it with powerfully, and often.  Tell it so often that you can’t even remember your other story.  If you do a dream board, put it in a place of prominence where you can look at it each day.  If you share with family and friends, share it succinctly so they can support you in the manifestation of this new story.  If your story is about a partnership, it might simply, “I am ready/available/open to connecting deeply with my life partner.”  If it’s about a career, “I am pursuing my dream of becoming a writer, an entrepreneur, a coffee shop owner.”  If it’s about re-inventing yourself, “I am woman creating my next level of personal expression.” Post it on FB, Tweet it, shout it to the world. Keep Reading...


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