Day 16 - The Quiet Before the Storm


Day 16 - The Quiet Before the Storm
Reclaiming Your Vitality - The Journey

I will reach out to my step dad and tell him I love him and all he's done to support me as a dad in my life.

I will reach out to friends who are dads and tell them how amazing they are and encourage them to continue the good work they do with their children.


Then I will cook a nice meal and enjoy the process the sights, sounds, smells, of a good meal.  My daughter and I will spend time together laughing and playing.

I may nap or read this afternoon.

I may watch tv.

I may do a dream board or other creative activity with my daughter.

And at the end of the day, I will feel refreshed, relaxed, rejuvenated.  I will be ready for the week ahead.

And when the storms come next week, and they will come, I will draw upon this time with myself and my family.  I will remember the quiet of the present moment.  I will remember the spiritual words of wisdom.  I will remember to breathe in the midst of a challenge.  I will call a good friend for support.  I will come home to a loving relationship.   And I will make sure to stick to my exercise routine because I know it keeps my stress levels down, my immune system solid, and gives me the stamina to meet the challenges of the week.

Sometimes life can seem like one storm after another, or for some people one mega storm that leaves a lot of damage in the aftermath.  The key is know how to create and find your own sunshine in the moment.  These quiet, Sundays are my sunshine.  Each of these practices are a ray of light that I can use at any time when I am faced with a challenge.  Each practice is like a fully charged battery that I can use during the week.  You may not use any or you may use them all.  But it is better to have them then not.

This is huge part of reclaiming your vitality.  It's a part of creating reserves which is what you ultimately end up drawing up during challenge, a storm, a crisis.  Think about it, if you have a car accident, you'll need to get that cash from savings or else your budget is impacted.  And if you have no savings, then you are facing a world of challenges.  That is what vitality is all about, having enough now and having enough in reserves that you can meet life head on, look it dead in the eye and say bring it on!

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