Day 16 - The Quiet Before the Storm


Day 16 - The Quiet Before the Storm
Reclaiming Your Vitality - The Journey

I love Sundays.  For me they are days of quiet reflection, re-centering, re-setting your mind, spirit, and body for the week.

These are the days my self care is always my number one priority.  With the flurry of activity during the week, I never know if I'll get it all in each and every day, but on Sundays, I make sure I get it all in. 


It's the one day of the week I can really reconnect with myself without being hurried, rushed.  There's no school, no work, no place I have to be.  And any chores or errands are those of my choosing.  Honestly, I try not to "do" anything on Sundays unless I absolutely have too.  Sundays are my Sabbath.  I think all human beings need at least one day a week as a Sabbath - a 24 hour period  to do nothing.  A day of self nurturing and a day for nurturing your family and/or community relationships

These are two very important aspect of our lives and yet they often get neglected or de-prioritized to the bottom of the list. 

Taking care of yourself and connecting with your family/community/tribe often give you the fuel to meet those whirl-wind weeks head on; to put in the extra hours needed for work, for your children, for your spouse, for that sick relative, or broken hearted friend.

And connecting with your peeps for fun, laughs, love, has you feel heard, loved, valued, a part of something, a part of a collective. So when you feel frustrated with those outside your circle, you can draw upon the wisdom, insights and patience you gained from dealing with those inside your circle.

Human beings need this. We need this self care, this connection with our family/tribe.   It's a part of who we are, how we are built.

So on Sundays, probably my favorite day of the week for this very reason, I like to do mindful exercise, Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong.  Something that enhances the mind body connection and fosters a deep sense of presence, in the power of this moment.  Something that actually slows me down, and has me connect in a deep way to myself which supports my connection to my tribe.

I also like journal extra long on Sundays.  It's great for clearing things out and setting intentions for the week.  I dump my struggles on the pages and embrace my dreams, my hopes, my affirmations.

I read a spiritual text filling my head and heart with the magic,  majesty, and magnificence of the universe and reconnect to my higher power.

And I meditate - quieting all the chatter and my spirit which has been bombarded all week as I was  "doing" my life.

Then I go about my day consciously connecting to those I love.  Since today is Father's Day my interactions will have a theme.  But you don't need a theme to connect with the people in your life; or if you do, create one.  I've done that a few times and it just adds to the fun and interest of the moment.

Today, I will go and get coffee and sit and chat with my dad this morning.  Then I will pick up my Cupcake from her dad and sit with him and acknowledge him as a father, the father of my only child.

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