7 Reasons Why We Get Married


7 Reasons Why We Get Married
And then get divorced.

6-    Everyone expects me to get married.  Marriage is a responsibility.  Take it seriously.  Starting with actually choosing marriage as something you want; or having the balls (metaphorically speaking) to say this isn’t for me. “But won’t people think I’m weird?”  Nope.  They’ll admire your courage for doing something they wish they’d done 2 divorces ago. I know plenty of women and men who have come to terms with not actually wanting to be married and they live very fulfilling lives.  #peerpressureisabitch

7-    I won’t have to be “out there” anymore.  This is probably the worst.  And I totally get it.  Dating can wear you out and wear you down.  It takes energy.  It takes courage.  And frankly you really just want don’t want to work so hard anymore. You’re tired of dating, of trying to have meaningful conversation; tired of dressing up for a date or paying for a date; tired of trying to find someone with whom you can spend quality time, instead of just killing time.  You just want to relax, be comfortable and be yourself.  So you pick someone.  You get married.  Only to realize marriage isn’t always comfortable.  And you still have to do all the things you did when you were dating.  In fact, back then you could say you had plans, stay home and watch the game, or for the ladies, have a hot bath, go to the spa.  Now you realize that this is even more work than being single.  And not only that, there is more at stake.  You whole life is wrapped up in this marriage, not to mention the family you’ve created.  You now understand why the best couples still do all the things they did when they were dating.  It’s one of the ways they keep their marriage sexy, hot, romantic.  Getting married is not the end of all the work, it’s the beginning.  And now you think “out there” was so much better than “in here”.  Wrong.  Being “out there” or “in here” takes work. Dating or married, each requires time, attention and effort if you want the relationship to be successful. #relationshipstakework


I make jokes and I’ve been a bit cheeky about marriage, but I am a huge advocate of marriage, provided people start with a healthy foundation.  No relationship is perfect, but your marriage stands a better chance of beating the odds when two mature people come together committed to being the best versions of themselves, and creating a lasting and loving partnership based upon love, mutual respect, shared values, and most importantly a deep commitment to one another. 


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