What Leads To A Satisfying Marriage


What Leads To A Satisfying Marriage
Why taking and giving to eachother is so important in a healthy marriage.

A man needs his mistress. There are three aspects to his being in need of their own source of food in order to play their own hand. His wife supplies him with one, his mistress another and so do the others who come to him in between. It’s important that we are more aware of how we deal with each others feelings and emotions in our relationships.

It's different for each person. We don’t know who we will meet. Will he or she be a treat to greet, or a fear to beware? These things come to us at their own time. We are not given or shown the all we’re to know. It’s revealed bit by bit as they come and we go.


If he says he loves in this moment, it’s only a part to him saying so, and he may not feel the same way the next moment when another part to him steps in. He could be saying he loves you through his feelings and it may not be true through his thoughts. Taking ourselves to be one unified person at the same and at all times is our greatest self deception. In reality, it’s a fallacy.

A man needs his mistress to help him find balance in himself. To make him feel like a man, and this is the most important thing to him. He knows what he feels for his wife, and he knows how his mistress makes him feel. Though often she’s regarded as coming to him second hand, she makes him stand up strong to feel real himself.

There are features that are characteristic of our human nature and unless we make an effort to see them, and they horrify us enough to face the struggle to change, our inner mechanical weakness shall remain.

A man uses his own tool, his own means to make himself happy. Is he not entitled to his own happiness for when his breath leaves his body? Is he not on his own? In life, we are to dare to be the all we can be. Yet, to see the all is in and around us. This too can set us free.

Nothing stands alone, no one is an island. We need to take and give to one another. So let us let it be.

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