What Leads To A Satisfying Marriage


What Leads To A Satisfying Marriage
Why taking and giving to eachother is so important in a healthy marriage.

Taking a look at marriage breakups makes me question the beliefs we hold based on cheating. I feel strongly enough about cheating to voice my opinion as a mistress. There’s a need for us to address and face our “self love” and “vanity” as both lead us to believe we have the rights to own each other, especially if we are married to the person. Many are unaware that we are composite parts that relate to the three aspects to our being. 3 Mistakes Women Make When They Suspect Cheating

As we verify the features of our being, we get a better understanding of ourselves enough to have mercy for ourselves as well as the other person in question. No one person or any one thing satisfies the whole being to us. For any manifestation to produce results, three forces come into play. This helps to explain why no one or two, be it a thing or person satisfies or unifies the ‘whole’ in us.


There are thoughts and feelings we make the choice to give up, sacrifice, redirect, or turn away. These are choices we’ve made but there’s no freedom because we are bound by laws. Whether they are man-made laws or cosmic laws, we are tied on both sides.

There are those that use marriage as a means for control, to dictate the other person’s life in what they believe and hold what they’re to do, under the umbrella of love. Or there are those who use quotations from the Bible when they don’t fully understand themselves. We live in a physical world that needs to be faced and dealt with in a practical way from the reality of our lives.

It’s useful to remember and to be aware that each person sits on their own stool. That we cannot change. Yet with respect, valuation, empathy, and compassion, there’s lots of love and happiness for us to share.

Many of us women assume that just being his wife is enough. Many take this role for granted, unable to picture themselves in their husband's shoes. Simply being happy wearing a ring as Mrs. This or That appears to be enough for them, leaving him devoid of their love and understanding. Are You In A Semi-Happy Marriage?

This concept of believing we have the right to own has made us leave out the importance of relationships through respect, valuation, empathy and compassion. We often forget to take into account the other person’s feelings or point of view.

A common human weakness we all have is showing people what we would like them to hold and believe from us. Are you aware that our actions are based on associations, identifications, self-love and vanity from the false perceptions we hold of ourselves? Ownership is not apart of creation’s hand as we are intermixed together one within the other as life moves along.

The stars, the sun, the earth, and the moons’ influences work together though each are separate from one another. We find one side to us on the outside and another on the inside. It’s like the palms on our hands. Each palm is different. This runs right across our lives just like our knowledge and our being.             

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