Making a Difference While Making a Living


Making a Difference While Making a Living
"Do what you love and the money will follow..."

The Financial Realities of Coaching:
Coaching, as a profession, is gaining more recognition. With that visibility comes greater demand AND the willingness of clients to pay well for your services. Plus, the long-term view looks very promising. According to the Sherpa, 2008 study, experienced life coaches annually average $77,000, while business and executive coaches earn, roughly, $134,000. And, according to the 2007 ICF/PriceWaterhouse study, part-time coaches make about $28,000 per year. How will I find enough clients to make that kind of money? This is the biggest worry for those thinking of becoming a coach. No matter where you do your coach training, what good is that training if you can't find any clients to actually coach?

Learning to coach and learning to market yourself are two very different skill sets. Your interest in becoming a coach may be intertwined with your desire to work for yourself. You are not only training to become a coach, you are training to become anentrepreneur! Over 85% of iPEC students have paying clients BEFORE they graduate.


This is another area where iPEC training really stands out. It integrates an extensive business development program within its core coach training so that students become EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE and CONFIDENT talking about coaching and their services, culminating in masterful coach graduates with successful businesses.

Highlights of iPEC's program include:
• Business Development Teleclasses
• One-on-One Business Development Mentor
• Quick Start Business Program

Is it effective? Over 85% of iPEC students have paying clients BEFORE they graduate. Why? Because iPEC's curriculum focuses a substantial portion of time on each student, building his/her own coaching practice through business development, brand messaging, and marketing. And, the support doesn’t end when you graduate. iPEC’s Coach Community supports you through continuing education, networking, and personal support – throughout your entire coaching career.

Make Your Difference. Make Your Life. You now have a vision of the ways in which you will make a substantial difference as a coach. You understand that aligning with your interests better serves the world, while also satisfying your own desires for fun, freedom, and financial well being.

It is becoming clear that there actually may be a way to combine what you do with what you love. Best of all, you can use that combination to help others love what they do and do what they love.

You are beginning to have a realistic image of yourself laying the foundation for a thriving coaching practice. And, you can see the sustainability of this well thought-out vision: It can hold your long-term interest and meet the growing demand in the marketplace.

The desire to become a coach is now growing from a thought into a strategy, which you can examine and support. You can now begin to explore the methods for making this an actual part of your life.

There is only one final aspect to consider. There are people out there that only YOU can coach. How long will you keep them waiting?

Given your areas of interest, your background, life experience, and individual way of “being,” you will have a unique approach to coaching – it won’t be long before you “make it your own” as part of your life. All good coaches do. As a result, there are people in the world that will feel a natural fit with you. Perhaps they may only connect with you as a coach, and you would recognize them as your ideal clients.

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Discover exactly what you need to know about training and certification - from those who set the standards for professional excellence in the industry. Go to and read the free downloadable report, "The 9 Key Considerations for Choosing the Right Coach Training School for You." It explains standards for certification and training methodologies, plus, important differences in coaching philosophies to help you select the model that is best for your needs.

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