Making a Difference While Making a Living


Making a Difference While Making a Living
"Do what you love and the money will follow..."

By understanding and attuning to the Law of Being in your own life and career, you are also serving as a real-life model for your clients. That’s a big part of making a difference!
Now you are beginning to realize that coaching can actually provide the perennial interest and enthusiasm you will need to achieve success. You see how selecting an area of specialty helps you stay engaged, enjoy your efforts more, and become better known by others. Next, you probably want to know, “Can coaching really produce the income and lifestyle I want?”

You understand the part about fun. What about freedom and financial rewards? How is this any different from other professions? And, is it a sustainable, long-term business? Let’s look at the lifestyle component first, and then, the financial realities of coaching.


Freedom and Flexibility of Lifestyle:
One of the hallmarks of coaching as a profession is the variety of ways in which you can work with clients, and the fact that you set your own schedule.

• Coaching by phone not only opens up the world as your potential client base, it provides flexibility to both you and your client. A client can participate from their home, office, or hotel room. And you? Home office, beach resort, or cabin in the woods. Once you get accustomed to the fact that you really can work from anywhere, asking the boss for time off to travel will quickly become a fading memory.

• Coaching in person, one-on-one, gives you the opportunity to interact face-to-face with clients. Instead of always staying in your office, it provides the opportunity for you to experience a change of scenery whenever you want to arrange it. While some may think it limits them, geographically, other successful coaches understand that it allows them to travel, more frequently, on business. Whenever they plan to visit a city in which one of their clients lives or works, they make sure it involves business.

• Group Coaching can be an opportunity to work with functional teams within a company, or deliver group workshops that you organize and make publicly available. It’s a great way to leverage your time, have a bigger impact in the world, and increase your visibility.

You are now realizing what sets coaching apart from most professions. You see that it provides the ultimate flexibility and freedom - not just in the hours you work, but from where you choose to work.

In fact, when you remove the time and location constraints of a normal career, and then realize you are working in alignment with your passion, purpose, and values – you'll find that you can’t really compare your new working arrangements to working in any typical environment. We think the word “incomparable” truly fits the coaching profession. But what about your income needs?

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