Making a Difference While Making a Living


Making a Difference While Making a Living
"Do what you love and the money will follow..."

Too many people spend their adult lives on a path that was set when they took an aptitude test as a teenager. Who has the same interest at age 30 or 40 or 50 that they had at 15? Is it any wonder, then, that so many find themselves in careers that are more focused on making a living than on living a life of contribution? Then, as they slowly become disenchanted with a livelihood divorced from their interests, they have a sudden realization: Just because I'm good at something, doesn’t mean I have to do it until I die.

And that’s when they start to notice all sorts of meaningful things they could be doing, which would better align with their passion and interests.


Aligning Your Passion with Your Practice:
At iPEC, you'll find that we're nearly obsessed with your interests. It's part of our formula for helping our graduates succeed as masterful and successful coaches. We encourage enrolled coaches to pursue an area of concentration or niche during their training. And, we spend a good deal of time helping each student fully understand these nine “majors,” and which one will most align with their values and interests to support who they want to be in their life.
These include:
1. Life Coaching
2. Health and Wellness Coaching
3. Corporate Coaching
4. Professionals Coaching
5. Executive Coaching
6. Sales Coaching
7. Relationship Coaching
8. Transition Coaching
9. Small Business Coaching

The Foundation of Your Successful Practice:
Selecting a “major” allows you to tailor your coursework to fully connect with your passion. Your coach training becomes more interesting to you as you begin to make mental connections between what is being presented and how you envision applying it in your coaching practice and in your own life.

Your major helps to support your area of expertise. That means practicing specific coaching scenarios within your specialty group, and developing strong professional relationships before you even graduate. This also lets you fine tune your skills through access to an audio library for continued learning within your specialty.

The best way to become well-recognized and develop a growing referral base in the coaching profession is to become known for your expertise. It becomes less about “Who you know” and more about “Who knows you” and “What are you known for.” What you are known for will largely be an expression of your passion, not just your aptitude. Our coach training is unique in that it teaches you how to weave the two together.
Over 3,500 iPEC graduates can attest to the difference it makes when your training helps you understand where your heart lies, and then helps you follow it. It is less aboutlearning a new aptitude and more about developing flexible skills that will support your passion and interests. As you develop new interests, you can easily incorporate them into your practice and into who you are “being.” Tell me, what other career offers that kind of flexibility?

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