Making a Difference While Making a Living


Making a Difference While Making a Living
"Do what you love and the money will follow..."

Many people don't believe in the adage, "Do what you love and the money will follow," and, consequently, they spend years in unfulfilling jobs. They know, deep inside, that there is more to life (and to work) than what they’re currently doing, but they don’t believe that they can actually make a living doing something they REALLY love to do.
The fact is, you CAN succeed at almost anything - IF you are willing to devote enough energy and attention to it. It’s not that doing what you love guarantees success; rather, it's that true success will almost certainly require doing what you love. The real questions, to ask, then, are:

“How can I be sure I will have enough passion and energy to succeed and really make a difference?”



“Will this new path support the life I really want to be living, and help me make the difference I want to make in the world?”

The answers to these questions lie in constructing your coaching career so that it fully serves who you are. It needs to provide the right balance of fun, freedom, and financial reward. In fact, balancing those aspects of your coaching career is the key to making a difference, while making a living!

At this point you may be wondering: “How can I be certain, in advance of undertaking something new, that I will really ‘love it enough’ to generate the energy to succeed?" That’s a good question. Will you have enough "passion" to do the work? To answer it, let’s first set aside all the romance language. Another way to translate "loving what you do" is to ensure that what you are doing aligns with your core values, and supports who you are as a person.

It should be something you enjoy… that you feel comfortable doing… that is a natural expression of who you are. It’s something that you look forward to every day… that you would continue doing, in some form, even if you were not being paid.

Anything can be fun and exciting when it’s new, but then the enthusiasm fades because your heart is not in it. Eventually, it may even grow to feel like drudgery. How often have you seen that happen to someone? It’s pretty difficult to succeed in such a state of mind.

The key is to create a path that keeps you engaged, while, at the same time, allowing you to contribute to the world around you on a meaningful level. You want to know that you make a lasting impact on your clients.

Making a lasting impact is where iPEC coaches stand out from others, by their use of the Core Energy Coaching™ Process. Any decent coach can help a client strive toward their stated goals and objectives through task accountability and responding to external challenges.

In contrast, the Core Energy Coaching™ Process allows you to help a client become aware of their internal world, i.e., their driving motivations and self-limiting factors. You then lead them in making permanent and profound shifts in the way they approach their challenges, their goals, and their world. The effect you have on your client continues long after the coaching engagement ends.

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