Certification, Certificate, or Just Plain Certifiable?


Certification, Certificate, or Just Plain Certifiable?
Interested in becoming a Coach? Learn the difference between the all the certifications!

With coaching having become such a fast growing field over the past decade, there's a lot of information out there about coach training and certification, and it can be a bit confusing. Let's see if we can sort out a few things.

Certification - A certification program is one that requires you to complete a program that has an established set of core competencies; that evaluates you on your proficiency within these competencies; that has been audited by an accrediting agency; and that requires the institute delivering the program to be approved as an accrediting agency.


76% of HR professionals and coaching clients are now saying that formal training and recognized certification are either important or absolutely essential.

Certificate - A certificate program is typically a certificate of completion - meaning that you've completed the course work and have potentially been evaluated on what you've learned. While it can be extensive, this is not necessarily a certification and is not typically recognized by an industry association.

Certifiable - A certifiable program is one that certifies you in a new profession for $99 - $899. It's incredible to think about, but nonetheless, because of the growth of coaching, there are those that are looking to cash in on the marketplace and its consumers. Buyers beware. There are some good programs out there that will help you learn about coaching, but watch out for those that represent that they "certify" you.

Actually, in the case of the latter two, the only one doing the "certifying" is the company itself. It's not an industry recognized certification by any association.

At iPEC, our Coach Training Program has been accredited by the International Coach Federation (the governing body and largest coaching association globally) since 2002. We passed our accreditation on our first application at a time when most programs were being turned away for not meeting the requirements and competencies of the profession.

We've been sanctioned to provide you with your industry-recognized certification.

This isn't simply about the quality of our training; it's about the quality of YOUR training. We're here to support you to be the most masterful and successful coach that you can be.

Call 1.866.72COACH (866.722.6224) or email admissions@iPECcoaching.com today to learn more and to discover the possibilities available to you as a Certified Professional Coach.


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