Apples to Apples: How Much Does it Really Cost to Become a Coach?


How to read between the lines and know what you actually receive from coach training.

Your Success is Our Only Option
As you can see, we're sort of hung up on making sure our graduates succeed.

If you have any questions about the extent to which iPEC will go in order to help you become a masterful and successful coach, just ask. You'll experience the extraordinary support that is raved about by the 3,000 iPEC coaches who have preceded you in our program.


Some people like the quote "Failure is not an option." At iPEC, we help our graduates focus on success instead. And it's never something we treat as an option.

Starting to Explore Coach Training?
Discover exactly what you need to know about training and certification - from those who set the standards for professional excellence in the industry.

READ: The 9 Key Considerations
Download the free report on "The 9 Key Considerations for Selecting the Right Coach Training School for You." It explains standards for certification, training methodologies, plus important differences in coaching philosophies and models that can affect your results as a coach.


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