Apples to Apples: How Much Does it Really Cost to Become a Coach?


How to read between the lines and know what you actually receive from coach training.

iPEC - All-Inclusive Coach Certification and Training
Assuming you do want to compare apples to apples, here's a list you can use. This is everything that is included with your all-inclusive iPEC Coach Certification Training:
• 350+ hours of ICF-accredited coach certification training, delivered over 8 - 9 months. (This is well above ICF requirements, and all those extra hours and coaching experience help you launch your practice with confidence and mastery)
• 4 live training modules: 3-day weekend intensive seminars with in-person training, role-playing, and feedback
• The graduate-level coaching mastery program, Energy Leadership™
• Archive of 60+ teleclasses-each conducted by experts in the field
• Specialty coach training in the field you choose for your concentration - select 1 of 9 specialty 'niches' as your "Coaching Major"
• All necessary materials, including iPEC's coaching manuals, materials, course books, and Energy Leadership™ manual with materials
• 3 complete coaching programs you can deliver, including client exercises, client workbooks, and extensive coach notes
• Professional written marketing materials, website copy, and workshops with full scripts and PowerPoints
• The Quick Start Business Development Program - mentoring, tele-seminar series, business building workbook and exercises, and ongoing online support (led by an outrageously successful coach!)
• Your own mentor coach for six months of hands-on skill development (This is one of those elements other programs like to charge extra for - they ask you to find your own coach at additional expense)
• Complete examination and certification process
• Graduate support system and lifetime membership to iPEC's Coach Community & Support Network

Full Disclosure Notice
What does all this mean?


You will acquire absolutely everything needed to deliver powerful life-changing results for your clients, so that you will succeed as a coach. If your vision of success includes establishing your own successful and profitable coaching practice, either now or in the future, we make sure you are fully prepared for that, too.

We believe that your success as a coach should not hinge on "options" that you add on to your training. iPEC was founded on the firm commitment to provide the most comprehensive coach training in the industry.

Well, in all fairness, there are some additional items hidden between the lines at iPEC. There are various intangible bonuses our graduates enjoy: professional connections, personal development, partnership opportunities, and the experience of a lifetime.

And yes, there are some options, too. Payment options, that is. We recognize that each person's financial situation is different. But, rather than dilute our training to match different price points, we prefer to help each student in every way possible to receive the full training they need and deserve. That's why we offer a variety of flexible payment options, to turn your vision of coaching others into a reality.

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