Introducing YourTango Experts Spotlight: Motherhood & Love 2011

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YourTango Experts teach us how to nurture our children, our relationship and ourselves.

For most parents, children are a gift to our lives and motherhood is one of the highest callings we can have in life. But as any mom knows, it's also one of the most intense jobs in the universe. It's 24/7, non-stop and never ending.

As such, it's natural that an issue with your child can immediately take priority over everything else, including work, friends, family and your partner. Even on an ordinary day, it's easy for most moms to turn all of their attention to parenting, spending each waking moment focused on the kids—a syndrome sometimes called Helicopter Parenting.


This kind of intense focus can be exhausting. Moms the world over are in need of more than just one holiday to celebrate the intense commitment made to their children and in this week's new YourTango Experts spotlight on "Motherhood & Love," our Experts will share wisdom on how to juggle it all and stay not just sane, but happy!

One of the recurring themes will be how to take care of yoursel, how to nurture and 'mother' yourself as well as everyone else. Taking care of your own needs ensure that you have the ability to help others. It's also the secret to lower stress levels, reduce worry, enrich your relationship, be more productive at work and more fully enjoy the time with friends, family and yes… your kids.

Join us over the next seven days as we introduce Experts who offer practical tips and advice on how to actually make it all work. Experts will be around all week to answer questions and connect with you about any issues you may be facing and how you can take ownership of this sometimes painful, and always powerful, issue. You can find them here.

So join us daily as dive in to one of the most prolific issues affecting couples (and moms specifically) today: taking care of yourself.

Get started with today's post: Busy Mom? 3 Ways To Find Time For Sex (And Why It's Important) and follow the series here.

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