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Are There Any Good Men Out There Still?

Love, Self

Lots of men who are considered good or even great out there. The question is, “What is good for you?

I say "Yes, there are!" Lots of men who are considered good or even great are out there. The question is, “What is good for you?” It’s most important that you are clear on what you desire in your relationship. Most of your desires come from your subconscious and have been placed there by someone else. For instance, what did your mother, grandmother, aunts and older siblings say about a “good” man.

Their sayings have become a part of your subconscious and make up your internal checklist. If the sayings support you in attracting your good man, keep them. Otherwise, discard and create your own. The first step in attracting your good man is to really figure out what you want. Know what it feels and looks like in your mind before you see it in others.

Secondly, create affirmations that reinforce and speak directly to your desires. An affirmation can be, “I am now attracting my loving, good man.” Repeat this, or create your own, several times daily with feeling and visualization. End each affirmation with “And so it is.”
Using affirmations awaken your inner voice. Listen to your inner voice and take whatever actions you can to achieve your goal. Affirmations, feelings and visualizations are powerful and sometimes cause you to believe in magic!