What's so bad about a little relationship help?


What's so bad about a little relationship help?

I've noticed something about my friends. They never seek help with their relationship.

Now that might not be all that surprising, except that I run one of the world's leading approaches to relationship help - Imago. Those couples who give Imago a whirl seem to fall in love with the approach. But can I get my friends to go? Can I even talk to them about it?


After a few years in the business, I'm figuring this is a pretty universal problem.

You want to fly a plane? Well of course the first step is lessons. And the lessons are fun too.

You want to navigate a boat? Lessons. You want to navigate love? Who needs lessons for that? We're born relationship experts aren't we? Or we pick it up somewhere? Or so we seem to act, until it all goes horribly wrong.

But between first love and the horribly wrong stage, there's often a lot of sadness in between. A lot of that sadness is pretty avoidable. In Imago we love to look at the sadness around conflict and find opportunities for deeper love and connection.

I'm figuring if this is all going to change, then like most things nowadays, maybe that change starts on the internet? For a start it's a lot easier to sneak into a relationship education site without fear of being shamed. And maybe we can make it fun, and thought provoking. Hey, these are relationships we're talking about - the most fascinating and rewarding parts of our life. Relationships are what all the great movies are about, so we've got to be a little bit interested in learning how to be an expert.

Here's the Imago contribution. We've put together a collection of enticing and thought provoking web stuff. I use the word stuff, because I don't know a better word for a combination of interactive things, talking avatars, quizzes, and some good old fashioned reading. Spend a little time there, and you may well be making a whole lot of sense out of some things which initially can see quite confusing.

So join us at http://gettingtheloveyouwant.com/free-resources

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Imago Relationships International helps couples have the conversations they need to change their lives together.  We've been saving relationships for 30 years, ever since our co-founder Harville Hendrix, PhD wrote the best-seller "Getting The Love You Want".

Today you can find an Imago weekend workshop in 25 countries, or get help from over 1200 Certified Imago therapists.  We give you the communication skills and understanding you need to forge a deeper and more loving connection.

Try our some free relationship help online at www.GettingTheLoveYouWant.com

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